Coitus Interruptus

Here’s  a screenprinted broadsheet I made a few months back, inspired by the Navy phrase “Getting off at Fratton” (I’ll leave it up to you to look it up). I have been using photocopies of 3d objects for my imagery a lot recently. I love the ambiguity of the graphic minimalism it creates and I’m still exploring it further. Let me know what you think!

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Final Project: Bookworks

This is my finished artist book which had to be based around Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. My book is based on a short story from the Sherlock Holmes canon, The Man with the Twisted Lip. However, the essence of the story has been paraphrased into cockney rhyming slang and other slang phrases, why don’t you have a butcher’s?

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Wood Block Type and Letterpress (Contains strong language) 

For my most recent illustration project I was given 6 weeks to create an artists book based on one of Portsmouth’s most famous residents Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When I have more pictures of the final book I will explain a little more. But the jist of it is that I was looking into Cockney rhyming slang and I was recently inspired to get into the letterpress studio after seeing a lecture typographer by Alan Kitching.


initial experimentation


Jabba The Hutt

The pages from my artists book are made from décollage which was a difficult surface to print on, I used wallpaper paste to glue the layers down and as it dried the paper became warped and distorted.


My first attempt at making the pages were on paper but after drying they became very difficult to use and they were not stiff enough to bend back into a more uniform shape. The second batch was made using thick card which was much forgiving when bending back into shape and they could take much more of a beating under the press.

Printing onto a normal sheet of paper straight after printing onto these collages created some interesting ghost prints as the ink picked up the creases and rips from the décollage



The artists book I produced is a3 sized, but I’m thinking about scaling the pages down and putting through a silkscreen print to make multiple editions. I also want to explore further possibilities for my ghost prints perhaps putting them in a book/zine of their own.

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Social Awareness Project

For our social awareness project we had six weeks to illustrate a social/environmental issue of our choice. We could use our illustrations to satirise, raise awareness or to support our chosen “issue”. I chose to investigate police corruption in Brazil, more specifically in the Favelas.

ink drawing blue monster ink drawing boot

I took Ralph Steadman’s illustrations as inspiration when using pen and ink. The nature of the splats dictate the form of the drawing.

BOPE lino poster WP_20150209_001

I used lino again to illustrate a shocking story about the BOPE police unit performing revenge killings on innocent people. A majority of my research came from articles containing first accounts of this kind of violence, so I thought the best way to show these stories would be in a zine. I screen-printed the lino-print on the opposite side of the zine so it be used as a poster.

WP_20150212_006 WP_20150212_003 WP_20150212_004 WP_20150212_005

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Sequential Illustration Project

For this 5 week project we were asked to create 5 images of a sequence and a protagonist image. We also needed to include typography of some kind.

I based my illustrations on the poems of Charles Bukowski.


DSC_0847 DSC_0848 DSC_0852 DSC_0850 DSC_0849

For my final pieces I used lino prints to illustrate my sequence, I used letter press to form the extracts from various Bukowski poems but I screen-printed them onto the actual final images.

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Summer Project: Visual Diary- Part Deux

Here’s some more recent pages from my visual diary. 


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Summer Project: Visual Diary

As part of my course I was assigned two summer projects, one of which is a visual diary entitled “Something New”. Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Image   ImageImage Image ImageImage




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